Incredible Technologies to Showcase Newest Edge Hardware and Content Packages at NIGA 2019

Posted on March 27, 2019 at 9:55 AM UTC

Incredible Technologies® (IT) continues to push performance and innovation as the company heads to the Indian Tradeshow & Convention in San Diego April 3-4. IT will showcase their latest hardware and software packages, including more industry-first angled bank configurations utilizing 4K video wedge displays.

The Infinity V55 Edge™ debuted at G2E 2018 in a first-of-its-kind back-to-back sawtooth configuration, using a serpentine-like shape to boost player comfort, casino aesthetics and performance. New angled Edge configurations debuting at NIGA include a Pinwheel-shaped carousel, a Diamond shape and a V-shaped configuration dubbed “The Flying V.” These options coupled with IT’s industry-leading V55 cabinet and deep catalog of both new and proven content are putting the company on yet another record-breaking path for 2019.

“The Edge was a gamble to innovate how we market our games and ultimately boost occupancy and performance,” said Caitlin Harte, Director of Product Marketing. “Initial performance data indicates these video wedges have done just that, allowing for more efficient use of themes and no ‘middle game’ effect. Customers are building feature banks in common straight bank areas and marketing departments are launching custom campaigns seamlessly on their floors with our games.”  Harte added, “Without great content this retailing effort would lose meaning. NIGA will showcase a dozen new titles of the over 60 themes our teams are developing this year.”  

IT plans to showcase the new slot titles for Infinity V55®, Skybox® and Super Skybox® platforms in San Diego. Featured themes include the first-ever completely configurable high denomination theme, Pure Luxe™, with three titles debuting on the V55. Additionally, new proven core games like Fireworks Festival™ and Sky Dragons™ will be on display.

Find IT April 3-4 at the San Diego Convention Center in Booth 1541.