Drive coin-in with big presence at a low cost of time and money on banks featuring all types of cabinets. 55” overhead LCD’s display dynamic HD game content customized to your property and provided at no additional charge. Easy installation allows for flexible bank configuration needs. Incredible Technologies’ Infinity® U23 Cabinet is equipped with Patent-Pending built-in digital signage support system compatible with IT Simple Sign Display Kits™ for low-cost, high-impact HD signage.

  • Sturdy, powder-coated steel supports
  • Clean side skirting hides wiring and creates finished edge
  • Minimally invasive installation requires no sign jack or specialized installers on pre-existing and new installations
  • Simple HD media player provided
  • Video content provided digitally at no charge upon conversions
  • 55” LCD’s secured by operator for lowest cost and best warranty, works with all makes
  • Supports multiple bank configurations
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