Prism VXP™ redefines the expectations of core gaming because the technology and design utilized, both inside and out, are undeniably premium. Three integrated crystal-clear displays deliver thrills at every glance with primary gameplay on a 27” 4K display with edge-to-edge graphics at eye level. Just below sits the giant 18.5” PrismDeck which extends gameplay beyond the main display, right to the players’ fingertips. The 55” 4K VXP display located behind the primary screen provides a stunning and interactive backdrop… with a show-stopping twist.

In an unprecedented move, the VXP display utilizes a commercial-grade motor to physically expand upward, extending game play over 13 inches! The VXP feature is showcased during bonus events and big win celebrations, ensuring double takes from every corner of the casino.

Prism vxp in a row Prism vxp square 02 Prism vxp square 03 Prism vxp square Prism vxp triangle Prismvxp casino image 4a Prismvxp casino image 4a 01 Prismvxp casino image 6d Prismvxp casino image 6f Prismvxp casino image 8a