New Slots from Golden Tee Maker Wow G2E Attendees

Posted on November 25, 2008 at 3:00 PM UTC

(November 25, 2008 – Arlington Heights, IL) The Magic Touch® line of video slot, poker and keno games was a real showstopper at last week's Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Incredible Technologies, the Illinois-based company best known for its top-selling line of coin-operated video games includingGolden Tee Golf®, announced just prior to the show that it had been issued licenses in Nevada to manufacture and sell Class III gaming machines.

"We went to the show hoping to attract casino operators and slot buyers looking for something new and innovative, and we were very successful in that area," said Elaine Hodgson the company's CEO. "But when the creative types started showing up too, that's when we knew we had something special. It's very flattering to hear rave reviews of your games by the talented men and women who work for your competitors."

Hodgson went on to say that originally there was concern that attendees would not notice her products amid the much larger booths in the spacious exhibit hall, but those fears were quickly laid to rest.

"When the show first opened we were visited almost immediately by a number of key contacts that had been invited in advance. Soon after, more potential customers started trickling in and the word started to spread. After that, our booth was busy for the rest of the show. We're grateful to everyone who came to see us."

When asked when she expected her first games to be available for sale, Hodgson said that the entire line is currently in the testing labs and she is hopeful for a 2009 Q2 or Q3 release.

"Things are progressing nicely and we're optimistic that we'll be selling games soon," she said. "In the next few months we'll be following up with all the contacts we made at the show. 2009 will certainly be an exciting year for us!"


About the Magic Touch® Line of Gaming Machines

Magic Touch® is a new line of state-of-the-technology video slot, poker and keno machines. Slot titles include Money™,Cars™Fish Store™ and Fruit™. Each title is available in three volatility versions: Often, Steady and Big giving players the choice of "How do you like to win?™"

Innovations include Versatile Volatility™ presented by the Prize Guy™SideWinder™ horizontal spinning reels, AnglePay™lines, ClearWin™ symbols, ContinuPlay™ rhythmic sound, and BonuSave™.

All Magic Touch® games are configurable as a multi-game machine or a stand alone unit and are SAS 6.02 and TITO compatible.