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Posted on May 7, 2019 at 10:10 AM UTC




Making IT is a peek behind the scenes at Incredible Technologies. The latest games players have come to love were loved long before the titles went live on casino floors. Each game IT creates is designed and developed with great care by the teams who aim to give players the best experience possible on each video slot machine. This month's Making IT features a new title from one of IT's internal studios, Happy Hour. Read more about what makes Fireworks Festival™ one of the best games on slot floors:


Q: Give us the rundown: What’s the theme and main feature in Fireworks Festival?

A: John Nocher, Game Designer: Fireworks Festival celebrates Asian Street Festivals, with decorative fans, colorful hanging lanterns, Koi Fish flags, elaborate Dragon costumes, and, of course, Fireworks! The main feature is called Stack2Stack, featuring stacks of fireworks that explode and award credits when they land next to each other. 

Q: Which piece of the game came to you first and kicked off development?

A: JN: Fireworks Festival started as a feature idea of overlapping stack awards. Asian themed games are particularly popular right now, and strings of fireworks exploding together seemed to be a natural way to visualize this feature. The fireworks are used throughout the game for the logo, the feature, and the attract video. 


Q: Which aspect of the game did you most enjoy working on?

A: JN: From a design perspective, I enjoyed the simplicity of the reels and I also enjoyed working with one of our mathematicians to redesign one of the features. I liked working on The Red Envelope picks because it added a fun additional feature to look for on the reels and a way to let the player interact with the game.

Paulo Lara, General Artist: I enjoyed the entire artistic process to be honest, but I'd say that what I enjoyed the most was working on the backgrounds. The bright floating lamps and the massive Chinese structures made it super entertaining!

Jarrett Way, Software Engineer
: The Stack2Stack feature was the most enjoyable feature to develop. It was original, yet straightforward and utilized the vertical space afforded by the V55 to great effect. it was really important that we infused the main feature with the spirit of this title.


Q: Is this game similar to or based off of any other IT games players would recognize?

A: JN: IT has built a family of Asian-themed titles with consistent, high-quality art that really make them stand out on the floor. Fireworks Festival is a new twist on that classic theme


Q: What was the most challenging aspect of creating this game?

A: JN: The most difficult concept to get across to the player was how the firecracker stacks paid. We eventually made changes to the presentation of the feature and afterwards player’s understanding increased tremendously.

PL: The most fun part to work on was also the most difficult. The backgrounds were very demanding when it came to rendering and performance, translating into hours and hours of re-rendering and iterations. I learned a lot working on Fireworks Festival!


Q: What’s the ONE reason players should give this game a few spins?

A: JN: With three features to look for, there is always something going on, making Fireworks Festival a lot of fun to play!

JW: It’s a strong balance of flash and cash that keeps players entertained without draining their bankroll.


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