Magic Touch® is Next-Generation... Defined

Posted on January 4, 2010 at 6:00 AM UTC


Magic Touch® is Next-Generation... Defined


The term "next-generation" is one of the most overused words of our era. So at this point in the digital age, what does it really take to be truly "next-generation"? The game developers here at Incredible Technologies take the term literally and we've made it our mission to develop games that are not only advertised as "next-generation" but also defined by it.

Magic Touch® is Money, Cars, Fish Store, Fruit, Keno and Poker. Coming Soon - Pin-Up Girls, Birds of Paradise and Carousel.

Magic Touch® is Versatile Volatility, Sidewinder Reels, The Prize Guy, Angle Pay Lines, ProTips, ClearWin Symbols, BonuSave, ContinuPlay Rhythmic Sound, True 3D Graphics, Extremely Configurable Math and Pay Tables.

Magic Touch® is TRULY a "next-generation" collection of Class III video slot, poker and keno games.

And yes…

Magic Touch® is Available Now - Contact Us today for jurisdictional details and more information on how to bring Magic Touch® to your "next-generation" of players.