Incredible Technologies Enters Class II Gaming Market

Posted on September 8, 2020 at 7:00 AM UTC

Incredible Technologies (IT) announced today its entrance into the Class II gaming market. IT’s Class III expansion in recent years has brought the company’s slot products to 36 states and provinces across North America. IT will now offer its award-winning products on its Class II Gaming System to tribal operators across the country.

“Our entrance into this market not only signifies a milestone for the company, but also our commitment to Tribes and their sovereignty,” said IT CEO & President, Elaine Hodgson. “Support from tribal gaming operators helped start our path in the casino business – they allowed us to test products and supported innovation. Offering Tribes a new, competitive Class II product brings that support back to full circle.”

IT has partnered with Class II Solutions (C2S) to integrate its regulatory compliant Class II Gaming System into IT’s existing platforms. IT’s central-determinant system has undergone field beta testing with two test partner sites, Four Winds Casino South Bend, IN and Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison, WI.

IT’s rollout will be phased, targeting “Class II Only” markets first with the company’s signature products on Infinity Skybox® and Infinity V55®. Development is well underway for the next phase, targeting mix Class III/II markets with new game content and innovative mechanics.

“IT’s industry reputation of performance combined with its personable approach to service and support has earned commitments from Tribal operators across the U.S,” said Russell Witt, IT’s Director of Central Determinate Gaming. “The Class II market has long awaited IT’s award-winning hardware and vast library of proven software. We look forward to further strengthening our partnerships and commitments with our Tribal operators.”

For more information on Incredible Technologies’ Class II products, please contact Russell Witt at