Elaine Hodgson Named AGEM Board VP

Posted on January 21, 2021 at 8:00 AM UTC

Incredible Technologies’ (IT) President & CEO Elaine Hodgson was named Vice President of the 2021 Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers’ (AGEM) Board of Directors. During its January Membership meeting, AGEM confirmed its 2021 Officers including many industry executives.

IT has been a member of AGEM since 2008 and remains a proud supporter. The election of Hodgson marks not only a personal accomplishment, but also a success for small manufacturers in the gaming industry.

“I am honored to represent IT within AGEM,” said Hodgson. “I also hope to provide a new point of view, specifically from the smaller manufacturers in our industry. While all AGEM members continue to provide valuable insight and support, diversity at the leadership level can only strengthen AGEM and our initiatives.”

Hodgson co-founded IT in 1985 and has led the company of now 250 employees to commercial success in coin-operated and casino gaming industries. Under her direction and vision, IT entered the casino gaming market in 2007 and positioned itself as a boutique manufacturer offering unique products backed by renowned customer support. The company is now regarded as one of the leading suppliers of casino gaming products, and Hodgson was inducted into the American Gaming Association’s Hall of Fame in 2019.