Infinity® V55™ is a new Infinity core form factor utilizing a fully touchscreen 4K vertical 55" monitor on an Infinity® U23™ base - creating an immersive gaming experience on the largest screen on a core cabinet in the industry. While the impression is huge, the footprint is not. Like all of IT's products, Infinity V55 was designed with the operator in mind and can be installed on a standard 28" base.

Infinity V55 debuts with four exciting titles in two unique product feature families, each utilizing IT's most popular brands as launch titles. The Power Wheel game family features Heat 'Em Up Power Wheel™ & Fate of the 8 Power Wheel™, and the GoldLink™ game family features Crazy Money Gold™ & Rays of Egypt™ - both families are new twists on two of IT's hottest titles currently in the Infinity® Skybox™ segment, Heat 'Em Up™ and Crazy Money Deluxe™.

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